Inflight Revolution

Blazing Bandwidth for Aircraft Communication

Wi-SKY Inflight has developed a revolutionary air-to-ground data communication service that will radically change the aircraft industry. Wi-SKY's leading-edge system is based on our exclusive, extreme-bandwidth radio, which delivers an unprecedented 100 megabits per second (Mbps) at 100 miles distance to every airplane in the sky simultaneously. A two-hour movie, using cellular or satellite technology, would take up to seven hours to upload the data file to a plane. Wi-SKY can do this in less than three minutes. Real-time flight data (black box) transfer to ground stations would be continuous. Detailed weather graphics would be uploaded to help pilots avoid turbulence. These are just some of the numerous examples of Wi-SKY's enhanced data communication never before possible.

Wi-SKY is offering data services to airlines, business jets, private aircraft and military planes through its proprietary and exclusive ground network of transmission stations soon to be completed in Europe and North America.

Astonishing Technology

  • 30X faster than current inflight communication
  • Highly-modified and enhanced 4G radio
  • Operates in multiple international spectrums
  • FCC and FAA compliant
  • Seamless, uninterrupted handoff

More Unprecedented Technology

Never Before Possible

  • Black Box monitoring by ground engineers
  • Live weather graphics uploaded to cockpit
  • Enhanced preventive maintenance monitoring
  • Wide open and free web surfing
  • Inflight medical emergency data feeds

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